I am a 10th and 12th grade English teacher at Wayne Early Middle College High School. I like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain (just kidding.) I have found working in a 1 to 1 classroom as a great leap in education. It does have inherent problems, but the benefits far outweigh the problems.
The one to one classroom has worked out well for me thus far. My students' writing has improved and the biggest plus is the fact that most of them are much better at proofreading and editing their work. They are more likely to send me their work and ask for input before turning it in.
A common problem for most of my colleagues has been students surfing the net or doing something other than their assignments, and it is no different in my classroom. We use DyKnow to monitor laptop activity, but I have found it much more effective to go "old school" and walk around the classroom.

Do you know about eduplatform as a monitoring program? It is fabulous. DyKnow is worthless.

I attended the ICue and Googlelit breakout session. They both look like great tools that I can incorporate into my classroom. We talked about just introducing the concept and letting the students navigate through the technology, but I don't feel comfortable with that. I prefer to become proficient with the tools myself first, then introduce it to the students.