My name is Jessica Avery and I am a 9th grade English and AVID I elective teacher at SouthWest Edgecombe High School. I am also one of the Technology Facilitators for our 1:1 Laptop Iniative.

Miss Avery's WIki Space

  • To gain more knowledge on content specific tools for the English Language Arts Classroom.
  • learn to use laptops to supplement curriculum, not just increase productivity
  • create projects and assessments that will be immediately useful in my classroom.
  • encouraging buy-in with my English I PLC
  • lack of wireless access for students at home.
  • management of students usage in the 1:1 classroom
  • We haven't rolled out student laptops yet...but one celebration is that more and more teachers are getting on board and the students are getting excited!!!!

Breakout Session--What I'm Taking With Me:
I have been to many workshops in the past couple months about resources to use in the 1:1 computing environment, and I honestly haven't learned as much in all of those workshops combined as I have today. I truly enjoyed the Trailfire breakout session. This is a tool that I will certainly be able to put to use IMMEDIATELY. I love that!! I feel like my students will be so much more engaged and truly interested in studying the topics. It's amazing how this takes topics to a whole new level. I'm so excited to use this.


Wireless access is also a concern of ours at North Edgecombe. However, I agree; more and more teachers are buying in but the holdouts sure are stubborn. I think once they see though it will change some more minds.

Cassandra Conger

Comment: I have doubts as well about giving students online assignments, since students will not all have access at home. I see this creating a problem with giving any assessments that start during school and must be completed at home. Homework will not be able to reflect what we are doing in the classroom. It reminds me of not having enough books for every student to take one home. Everything must be in class. Shelton Langley