My name is Jennifer Scott. I am Director of Professional Development for the Surry County School System.
I am a former middle grades ELA teacher, middle grades instructional specialist, and Director of Federal Programs.
I am married and have 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

My goals for today are are learn how to create a smooth transition for our school district to the 1:1 initiative and we are currently in year 1 with grade 7. Since I am a highly visual learner, I am very interested in actually observing such a teaching and learning environment.

What's going well in our school district is the fact that the school board and administrative staff are committed to the 1:1 classroom and are searching for funds for ongoing technological needs as well as to change policy to use Web 2.0. Also going well is the excitement and commitment of teachers to learn how to use new tools and integrate into existing content.

Challenges continue to be surrounded by funding, not only with technology, but with capital outlay for classroom design issues

Not only are technological tools available, but integrating them into content creates real-world, life-long learners. From the break out sessions, I learned that i-Cue is a massive site that incapsulates a wealth of opportunities for teachers and students. Opportunities include content expansion, pedagogy enhancement, active interaction, research, presentation, sharing, etc. I also experienced for the first time Google Lit Trips. With some additional exploration and practice, this site would be useful as well.