Emily Boyle

Chatham Central High School
Bear Creek, NC

I teach ninth, tenth and AP English III at a very small school in Chatham County. We're 487 strong!

I use computers for internet hunts, podcasts, student presentations and my favorite: the i-search paper. Students research a topic and describe their processes. Instead of just writing about what they learned, they explain how they learned it.

Our worst days are when all of the students get the "rainbow spins of death" and their computers all freeze.

My goals for this workshop are to 1) learn more about what I can do with computers in my classroom and 2) discover more web sites with information I can use with or without computers.

My wiki is: http://chathamcentralenglish.wikispaces.com/

The i-search paper is a wonderful assignment. Hope you enjoy the conference!!
-Mary Gregory, Greene Central High School, Snow Hill, NC