My name is Angela McIntyre. I teach English at the Nash-Rocky Mount Early College High School.

My goal for this workshop is to learn how to use some new technology tools to help me teach my students.

The challenge I have in the classroom with technology is keeping my students focused on the lesson I am teaching. (They cannot resist the internet.)

One concern that I have about the technology in my classroom is that my students do not socialize as much as they use to. They prefer to email each other rather than have a face to face conversation.

What is going well is the participation by students. They will do anything if they can use their computers.

Maurice here, I have the same challenge in my classroom as do most of us. I have found that the computers can be a good tool in getting the student who doesn't normally say anything in class to participate.

I learned in photostory that students can use this tool to do research and present it to the class. I think it would be great to use with project graduation.

My partner and I created a wiki we can use in the classroom to teach the definition essay. It is located at the following site: