Bio: My name is Amanda Slaten and I am currently teaching 10th grade English at Edgecombe Early College High School.

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Ms Slaten

Challenges: Because of our school location on a community college campus, my biggest issue with technology is transporting it. I often find myself loaded down like a pack mule carrying a laptop, projector, and dragging a cart full of student projects. While I enjoy using technology, I sometimes avoid certain class projects due to my small stature and inability to carry my own body weight. Another challenge that I have encountered is monitoring student work when they are using their laptops. Until last week we have not had a monitoring device of any sort for student laptops. I am eagerly awaiting training on the new SchoolVue program in hopes that this will remedy the issue.

Success: Students have been very receptive to using their laptops to create digital projects through programs such as movie maker. This has also served to provide students with an effective means of contacting me through e-mail, forum posts, and web posts.

Goals: I would like to learn more methods of integrating use of the computer in the classroom. I would like to become familiar with more programs and also would like to learn effective methods for classroom management with the laptop.

Reflection #1:

I am very excited about this curriculum pathways program I explored during the break out session. I don't know how to get my students to correct their own grammar mistakes. It does no good to correct their mistakes as a teacher, and there are often too many different issues to address as a class collectively. Previously, I have gone through my students' writing and numbered their mistakes, asking them to identify and correct the mistakes on their own. However, SAS introduced me to a program that does this work for me. I plan on creating a worksheet to guide students though the process of using the software as an editing tool. Then, students can copy and paste their work into the program and go through their writing step by step. I think that this will allow students to pratice and apply concepts that could not be otherwise addressed in the time constraints of the high school classroom.

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