Hello, I am Alicia McCormick from Meadowview Middle in Surry County. My goal for this workshop is to create my own wiki and have lesson plans that are ready to use with laptops in the classroom. My goal in the classroom is to use technology as a tool with the content and pedagogy not just for fun. At this time the problem is we do not have the 1:1 laptops for students. We are rolling out that program next year. We do not have enough laptops yet for classroom usage.

My classroom wiki is http://mrsmccormicksclass.wikispaces.com/

I was in the photostory session. It was interesting to see students actual project and to see a project based learning technology project. Students told us how easy it was to learn on their own which is good for many teachers who don't want to spend a day teaching the technology then taking additional days for the actual project.